Milling centers

Looking for a milling center to assist your lab with producing RPDs made from Ultaire™ AKP? Here is a list of milling centers that have milled frames made from this high-performance polymer and are familiar with the material.

New milling centers are constantly being added and many of them work nationwide. Please reach out to your Solvay Dental 360™ representative with questions. We are here to help.

Argen Corporation

5855 Oberlin Drive
San Diego, CA 92121



Core3dcentres US

6440 Schirlls Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89118


Core 3d Centres

Dura-Metrics, Inc.

816 Piner Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403



Integrated Dental Milling Centers

5701 Broad Street
Greendale, WI  53129


Bristol CADCAM Company Ltd

Unit 8 Ferry Steps Industrial Estate
Albert Road
St Phillips, Bristol BS2 0XW
01179 773 593


Bristol CADCAM

Skillbond Direct Ltd Dudley House

The Valley Centre
Gordon Road
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP13 6EQ
01494 448474



Allshape AG

Rolliweg 21
CH-2543 Lengnau

Tel. +41 32 653 06 06


Allshape Biocompatible Solutions

Argen Dental GmbH

Fritz-Vomfelde-Str. 12
40547 Düsseldorf

Tel. +49 (0) 211 355 965 0


Argen Digital