A paradigm-shifting RPD alternative

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Discover Ultaire® AKP Removable Partial Dentures

When implants aren’t an option, choose this innovative RPD alternative — designed in a digital workflow, Ultaire® AKP RPDs require minimal fittings and adjustments. They provide the comfort your patients want with the fit they deserve.

Made in a digital workflow for a more precise fit and fewer adjustments.

A Fully Digital Solution

Read the clinical study that shows that 4 out of 5 patients prefer Ultaire® AKP over metal.

Patient Preferred

Metal RPDs? Too rigid. Flexible RPDs? Too flimsy. Now there’s Ultaire® AKP.

A New Category of RPDs

Find a dentist and discover comfortable, natural-looking partials dentures.

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Choose lightweight partial dentures that are gentle on the mouth.

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Metal-free partials that offer the function and fit you deserve.

A Premium Alternative to Metal