About Solvay® Dental 360

As an industry leader in high-performance polymers, Solvay is committed to leading and revolutionizing the dentistry market. Our innovative solutions are used every day across a wide range of industries — automobiles, aerospace, healthcare, electronics, and other consumer goods.

Solvay® Dental 360 was born from a need to revolutionize the dental market — an industry that has seen few advancements in removable partial dentures (RPDs) for nearly 300 years. Our chemists collaborated to create Ultaire® AKP, a high-performance polymer specifically engineered with the ideal properties needed for an RPD — fit, form and function. RPDs made with Ultaire® AKP are both rigid enough to be tooth-supported and offer a secure fit, and flexible enough to engage undercuts more deeply.

With Ultaire® AKP RPDs, we’ve entered a new era in removable partial denture design. Join us.


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