Are partial dentures comfortable?

Ask Connie, and she’ll say yes, partial dentures are comfortable — when they’re metal-free Ultaire® AKP partial dentures. For decades, Connie wore low-quality upper and lower partial dentures with poor occlusion, putting her remaining teeth at risk. Although she was accustomed to her metal partials, she was eager to try a metal-free option, especially when she heard it was a lightweight, comfortable, and biocompatible. Upon try-in, Connie’s Ultaire® AKP partials fit perfectly without any adjustments needed to the frame or the acrylic. Connie also found that her Ultaire® AKP partial looked more natural, fit more securely, and felt smoother. Now that Connie wears an Ultaire® AKP removable partial denture, she recommends it to partial denture wearers who want their mouths and their smiles to be metal-free.

What Connie says about her Ultaire® AKP partial dentures

“The Ultaire® is very comfortable, very lightweight, and very easy to speak with. I don’t feel that it moves as I talk or eat. I feel that it follows the contour of my mouth more and it’s very much more comfortable. If someone had approached me about the Ultaire® product I would definitely tell them that it’s a good product and absolutely try it!”