“Is there anything we can do that isn’t metal?”

When a healthy, vital 80-year-old woman came to Vladimir Pastouk, DDS, for an extraction and partial dentures, she had one question. “Is there anything we can do that isn’t metal?” Dr. Pastouk took her concern to heart and did some research. He started looking for the best alternative to metal partial dentures, and he quickly seized on Ultaire® AKP, a new high-performance polymer that is metal-free, light, tasteless, and natural-feeling in the mouth. “We went into research and trials with different materials, but there was always some kind of limitation,” Pastouk says. “Then we came upon the product called Ultaire® AKP.” “It’s a surprisingly good smart idea introduced to dentistry,” says Pastouk. “It’s a complete elimination of any metal.”

Metal-free removable partial dentures

Patients are becoming more and more aware of the effects of metal – the potential allergies, toxicity and taste. And as they become more proactive, they’re asking for partial dentures that are natural, comfortable and aesthetically appealing. The answer to all of these very reasonable demands? Ultaire® AKP. “We see a lot of patients with different kinds of allergies. We test patients for metal toxicity. And quite a few patients are coming to us knowing that we work with this kind of problem,” says Dr. Pastouk. His answer to patient demands for the best alternative to metal partial dentures? “I am turning towards Ultaire® AKP. It’s lighter, and strong enough, and more cosmetically-pleasing to patients. And they are accepting that much easier than any other metal restorations.”

Zero adjustments. It’s possible with Ultaire® AKP

Not only does Ultaire® AKP provide an aesthetically pleasing, biocompatible alternative to metal, once an RPD made out of Ultaire® AKP is designed and fitted, adjustments should not be necessary. “Usually when I work with metal prosthesis there is a bit of time of adjusting, bending material here and there,” says Pastouk. He recalls his first experience with Ultaire® AKP. “We put it in, and I had all my instruments ready to do the adjustments, and it actually really fit perfect,” he says. His patient had been apprehensive about how her metal-free partial would look and feel. Instead, he said, she raved that it felt almost like the real teeth that she’d lost. Dr. Pastouk assumed that first Ultaire® AKP patient would eventually be back for adjustments. He was amazed when she never returned. “I thought to myself maybe next day she’ll be calling,” he recalls. “So I called her a few days later just to see how she was doing and she said, ‘Actually, it’s excellent.’ That was her response.” “I haven’t touched one thing on that partial,” he says. “My experience with the product is that it’s strong, with performance almost like a metal. That’s what I feel is really superior about Ultaire®.” If you’re a dentist looking to prescribe the best alternative to metal partial dentures, consider Ultaire® AKP. It’s lightweight, comfortable, biocompatible and over 60 percent lighter than metal.