Ultaire® AKP at Chicago Midwinter

Almost 30,000 dentists and dental professionals from around the country attended the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting to learn more about new and innovative products. We saw a fantastic turnout at the Solvay® Dental 360 booth, with many people stopping by to hear more about Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures.

“The people want metal-free! Patients just don’t want to see metal anymore.”

“We’re just really excited about this material here,” says John Perry, COO at Perry and Young Dental. “We really like the flexibility. The metal-free option is the new way to go. It can be designed digitally and the people want metal-free. Patients just don’t want to see metal anymore.”

Theresa Reath, a dental hygienist from Creekside Dental, was excited by how lightweight the Ultaire® AKP frame was compared to metal. “It looks like it’s more comfortable. I can’t believe the difference in the weight.” Catherine Baer-Mirza, DDS, and Razvan Mirza, DDS, both from Rockford Family Dental, stopped by the Solvay® Dental 360 booth looking for an alternative to existing metal and flexible RPD materials. “I like the option of it being metal-free, but it still has the ability to add teeth, without having the silver look of the traditional cast metal partials,” says Baer-Mirza.

“I’m very impressed. And I’ll be using it.”

“It’s resilient. It has a little bit of give to it,” says Gary Iocco, CEO, Dimension Dental Design. “It’s very lightweight – a third the weight of a metal partial. So, the wearability is much better and the compliance is going to be tremendous compared to a metal RPD.” Dentists often wonder if Ultaire® AKP can be stained to match a patient’s tooth color. Ebrahim Mamsa, DDS from Royal Dental Lab, stopped by to ask just that, and got his answer. “They can make it to match the color of teeth,” he says. “I’m very impressed. And I’ll be using it!”

“It’s predictable, it fits well, it’s really lightweight.”

Several dental labs came by the share their experience with the Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures. John and Daniel Perry from Perry and Young Dental Lab believe the digital design process of Ultaire® AKP partials could help their lab provide a better product. “We can go ahead and design it on the computer and then mill it out of machines and that is much more accurate than a traditional manufacturing process. It’s predictable, it fits well, it’s really lightweight.” When we asked Joshua Reminga from DSG Davis Dental Lab what he saw as the benefits on Ultaire® AKP, he noted, “The fit, the feel, and the comfort.” Edward Mathein, DDS, was interested in Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures for his patients with metal sensitivities. As a dental hygienist, Theresa Reath was looking for a friendlier option for her removable partial denture patients. She was impressed with Ultaire® AKP: “The food will taste better. And I think it’s going to fit in the mouth better because it’s flexible.”

Ultaire® AKP, a paradigm-shifting polymer

Looking to replace metal RPDs in your practice? Learn more about the benefits of Ultaire® AKP RPDs.

  • Metal-free
  • Tooth-supported
  • Bone-like
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Biocompatible
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Ultaire® AKP is brought to you by Solvay® Dental 360, part of the global company Solvay, which has the broadest portfolio of high-performance healthcare polymers worldwide. With over 35 brands in more than 1,500 formulations, Solvay is a global leader in metal replacing materials with 25 years as a leading polymer supplier to the healthcare industry. Solvay is now bringing this innovation and expertise to the dental industry with Ultaire® AKP.