Don’t suffer denture discomfort any more

Two years ago, Jaclyn was fitted with a lower metal partial denture to replace her missing back molars. But her partial was tighter on one side than the other and it tended to trap food underneath the metal. Adjustments didn’t help. She still suffered extreme metal denture discomfort. Eventually, the jaw pain Jaclyn experienced got bad enough it caused debilitating headaches. She had to leave work a few times. Then she decided her dentures weren’t worth the pain they caused and she quit wearing the partial – even though this made it very difficult to eat. “A lot of healthy things that you eat such as nuts and granola, things that I loved, I was unable to eat them,” says Jaclyn. “I would even cut them smaller – in hopes that I could chew them and I wasn’t able to. Hot and cold sensitivity with the lower partial metal denture – it was actually very high. Even cold yogurt – not even ice cream – it would irritate my gums.” When Jaclyn went to her dentist Dr. Lee Gause for a filling, he noticed that the metal partial denture was poorly fitted, and he suggested she switch to a new technology called Ultaire® AKP – a metal-free partial denture made of a bone-like polymer. Not only was Ultaire® AKP less likely to cause denture discomfort, he told her, it was also more natural-looking and would be molded specifically to the shape of her mouth. The day Dr. Gause first put the new Ultaire® AKP partial denture in her mouth, Jaclyn could feel the difference immediately. “It felt great cuz’ it actually contoured to my gums unlike the other one,” says Jaclyn. “Eating with the new Ultaire® frame, it’s like I have my molars back. I mean, most of the time I forget I even have it in my mouth.” Most important, her jaw pain and headaches disappeared.

The answer to metal denture discomfort may be Ultaire® AKP

Lee Gause, DDS, cares about his patients. When he examined Jaclyn, he found the metal partial denture she was wearing unacceptable. “Jaclyn’s metal partial did not have good retention. It was very uncomfortable because it was flopping around in her mouth,” says Dr. Gause. “Giving her something that was rigid that she could actually grind and chew her food was a huge, huge thing for her.” Dr. Gause has tried other metal-free options but he found them “flimsy,” and he is prescribing Ultaire® AKP to his patients who want metal-free partial dentures. “Because this Ultaire® material is so rigid, and because it needs such little adjusting, it’s actually allowing me to provide a better product in a more efficient way, which is huge for a dentist” he says. “And it’s friendlier to the teeth going forward over the years.” If you’re a dentist looking to solve the problem of metal denture discomfort for your patients, consider Ultaire® AKP.