New denture technology and materials: Ultaire® AKP


After 288 years, innovation in removable partial dentures (RPDs) has finally arrived. Ultaire® AKP is a high-performance polymer that allows for metal-free, biocompatible, more comfortable, natural-looking RPD frames which are over 60% lighter than a metal frame.

Why Ultaire® AKP? Hear from dentists, labs and patients

BJ Kowalski, Roe Dental Laboratory: “Digital is definitely the way to go for partial frameworks, and we’re excited about Solvay. Ultaire® AKP allows us to create one frame after another and that allows us to get a consistent result and be more predictable. We see that we’d be able to do twice, three times the volume with this product with our current staff compared to metal.” Alan Banks, Roe Dental Laboratory: “Production time in the laboratory is very important. A cast metal framework is three, four, five days in a lab, whereas an Ultaire® AKP framework is a couple hours. 40 minutes to a couple hours and you have a frame milled. Hands off. And you know every time it comes out of that puck, it’s going to be dead on. It’s going to be accurate.” Marcello Allegra, Jason J. Kim Dental Aesthetics: “When Ultaire® AKP came, and we saw how great it can be done digitally, now we don’t have to make a metal partial. And the fit is phenomenal. It really makes a paradigm shift.”

Ultaire® AKP: “CAD to finish in one day”

Joe Royer, Removable Department Team Leader: “Ultaire® AKP is a fantastic product in my opinion. You can take it from CAD to finish in one day, which is a huge savings on time. It’s faster, quicker and easier.” Jaclyn, Patient: “I received an impression for Ultaire®. The teeth looked amazing. They looked exactly like real teeth and the fact that it doesn’t have the metal in it, you know, it makes you feel like I have like real teeth back in my mouth.” Lee Gause, DDS, Smile Design Manhattan: “The real strength of this option is that I’m not adjusting the teeth. It’s friendlier to the teeth going forward over the years. So, metal partials with cast and hooks — those are torqueing those teeth out of the mouth. They’re wearing down the enamel, and they’re very unfriendly to the oral environment. “The Ultaire® is way better as a product. It requires far less adjusting, but the real advantage is that you’re not going to have to adjust the teeth going forward, and that it’s going to do a better job keeping that patient’s teeth healthy.”

Ultaire® AKP: “Life changing”

Jaclyn T., Patient: “If other patients asked me for a recommendation for Ultaire®, I would definitely recommend it for them. It’s been life-changing for me.” Marcello Allegra, Jason J. Kim Dental Aesthetics: “One of the most enlightening moments was seeing the first Ultaire® go into the patient and she instantly smiled and began to cry. And she said, ‘Oh my gosh, this already feels better than anything I’ve ever had.’ It was amazing.” Lee Gause, DDS, Smile Design Manhattan: “It’s actually allowing me to provide a better product in a more efficient way, which is huge for a dentist. “There’s absolutely a place in every practice for Ultaire® as a product.”