Metal denture uncomfortable

Steve is a rancher. He appreciates life’s simple pleasures: a ride on a star-filled night, a good cup of coffee, a great meal. Steve works long hours and gets things done. He’s not a talker or a complainer. So for nearly 20 years he got along with metal partial dentures that weren’t quite right. “My lower metal denture … It was uncomfortable,” Steve admits. “I had issues with food getting behind it. The difference in taste. It just didn’t feel right so I didn’t wear it for a long time.” Because the lower part of his mouth was unprotected, Steve suffered other dental discomforts. Sharp-edged foods like potato chips irritated his gums and sometimes left him with cuts that were slow to heal.

Steve tries Ultaire® AKP

Then something lucky happened. Steve met Scott Udell, Owner of Udell Dental Laboratory, and told him about the difficulties he was having with his metal partial dentures. “We got into conversation and we started talking RPDs,” says Steve. Steve told Scott that his metal denture was uncomfortable and Scott mentioned there was a new product out there. That new product? Ultaire® AKP for removable partial dentures, a new option made from a revolutionary polymer that’s light, tasteless and custom-fit to each individual patient’s mouth.

Ultaire® AKP “comfortable, smooth”

Udell provided Steve with an Ultaire® AKP removable partial denture and the change was immediate. “The new Ultaire option was different,” says Steve. “When we put it in, the expectations that I had were there. It was comfortable, smooth, it felt more natural and I really enjoyed that first experience.”

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Dental lab impression of Ultaire® AKP: “astonishing”

Scott Udell insists on running a modern dental lab with up-to-date digital dental technologies. Not only is it good business, it’s by far the best thing to do for patients – providing partial denture wearers like Steve with a metal-free, near-perfect custom option. “Without digital in our process, I don’t feel like the lab would be doing as well as it is,” says Udell. “It has really kept us in the forefront of being able to produce these restorations in a cost-effective manner.” Because it is rigid enough to compete with metal, but flexible enough to enhance patient comfort, Ultaire® AKP is the top choice in removable partial dentures for labs such as Udell’s. “Our initial impression of the product when we got it off the mill was astonishing,” Udell says. “We were able to take the product, cut it off the sprue, and literally snap it on the model, stand back, look and couldn’t believe it was actually done.” Far more important: Steve’s impression. “The confidence of wearing Ultaire, there’s actually a big difference,” he says. “It just makes you feel better than you have in years.”