Need new partial dentures? Great!

Arlene had been wearing metal partial dentures for five years when a broken tooth sent her to an oral surgeon. He prescribed new partial dentures for Arlene. But instead of metal, these were Ultaire® AKP partials, made from a new lightweight metal-free polymer. This was a dental emergency with a very happy ending. “The old one was the metal one,” explains Arlene. “It was cumbersome, that would be the best way to say it. I did not like the fact that when I smiled, you saw the metal across the teeth. I didn’t really like to smile before. Now I don’t even think about it. I just go ahead and smile.” Arlene received Ultaire® AKP and these new partial dentures look natural and have her smiling freely for the first time in years. Even better, she’s able to eat easily – and practically anything she wants. Even hard or chewy foods are no problem. “I can chew very nicely, bite into hard objects, eat apples,” Arlene says. “They’re like my natural teeth.” In the past, Arlene often had to remove her metal partial dentures because they were uncomfortable, or because there was food lodged underneath. But with Ultaire® AKP, she puts her new partial dentures on in the morning and wears them without discomfort or irritation all day. “The Ultaire® is comfortable, it’s light, it’s aesthetically appreciative,” says Arlene. “I put it in my mouth in the morning and forget about it! It’s like my natural mouth.”

When you need new partial dentures, think Ultaire® AKP

Too many people with partial dentures live like Arlene once did: reluctant to smile and struggling to eat comfortably with their friends. But thanks to new technology, there’s another option. Ultaire® AKP is made of a revolutionary high-performance polymer that’s lightweight, biocompatible, bone-like and tasteless. “What patients tell me about metal in their mouth is, what do you have to replace it?” says Gerald Grossman, DDS. “It’s ugly. I don’t like to see what I see. It ruins my smile.” If you’re a dentist looking to prescribe new partial dentures without metal, or a patient who wants a metal-free removable partial denture, consider Ultaire® AKP.