Forget flimsy non-metal partials

Lee Gause, DDS, runs a high-end practice in upper Manhattan. His patients expect the best. So he’s done a survey of the metal-free partial dentures that are available. “The other metal-free options that I’ve used are flimsy,” he says. “They’re also very hard to adjust and they also need a lot of adjusting, so that’s affecting me as a clinician because I want to practice in an efficient way.”

Ultaire® AKP is rigid and bone-like

Every dentist knows that multiple adjustments can be time-consuming – and they almost certainly reduce patient satisfaction. Patients don’t want to waste time returning repeatedly with ill-fitting dentures. They don’t like the discomfort that comes along with filing and re-fitting. Worse, months or even years of adjustments tend to wear down once-healthy teeth.

“Allows me to provide a better product in a more efficient way”

Dr. Gause seeks efficiency in his practice. He values a good dental product that doesn’t waste his professional time, or more importantly, that of his patients. “Because this Ultaire material is so rigid, and because it needs such little adjusting, it’s actually allowing me to provide a better product in a more efficient way, which is huge for a dentist,” he says.

It’s all about the proprietary polymer in Ultaire® AKP

The composition of Ultaire® AKP partial dentures makes them different – a more efficient alternative to both metal and non-metal partials. Only Ultaire® AKP is made from a new high-performance material called aryl ketone polymer (AKP) from Solvay® Dental 360. In processed form, this unique polymer is lightweight, smooth, strong and bone-like. The result is partial dentures that fit precisely, feel light and natural in the mouth, require few adjustments, and are free of metallic taste. Though many of his patients come seeking implants, Dr. Gause says he has had great success prescribing Ultaire® AKP partial dentures in cases where the implant procedure would be painful, complicated or protracted. “There’s absolutely a place in every practice for Ultaire® AKP as a product,” he says.

Take it from someone who knows: a patient wearing Ultaire® AKP

Jaclyn originally came to Dr. Gause with chewing issues and chronic headaches, due to a metal partial denture that fit loosely and tended to trap food underneath. After examining her, Dr. Gause looked at non-metal partials and recommended Ultaire® AKP, because he thought it would be the best possible solution for Jaclyn. Still, his patient was concerned. “Jackie cried several times during the treatment,” he remembers. “I think maybe some fear like many patients who are afraid the dentist. She was very emotional at the time when she got her denture.” But the result was better than either Jaclyn or her dentist could have imagined.

Ultaire® AKP: minimal fitting sessions, high patient satisfaction

“I’ve never had to return to Dr. Gause to adjust the Ultaire lower denture plate,” Jaclyn says. “It actually fit perfect the first time. If other patients asked me for a recommendation for Ultaire, I would definitely recommend it for them. It’s been life-changing for me.” “The real strength of this option is that I’m not adjusting the teeth. It’s friendlier to the teeth going forward over the years,” says Dr. Gause. “Metal partials with cast and hooks – those are torqueing those teeth out of the mouth. They’re wearing down the enamel, and they’re very unfriendly to the oral environment.” If you’re a dentist looking to prescribe a non-metal partials with superior material properties – rather than just another flimsy non-metal alternative – take a look at Ultaire® AKP. It provides multiple benefits.