Can I get partial dentures without metal clasps?

“Can I get partial dentures without metal clasps?” Zitta asked that very question at a routine dentist visit and discovered the answer is yes! Today, there’s a lightweight, biocompatible, metal-free alternative: Ultaire® AKP partial dentures. For years Zitta had worn metal dentures with clasps – or “hooks” – that left her mouth scarred and sore. “The metal – it always hooks in your cheek,” says Zitta. “So my cheek is like a road map. And they get slack. You have to come every time to have it tightened. It’s very uncomfortable and sometimes it makes the roof of my mouth sore.” The only solution was for Zitta to remove her metal dentures for a day or two, giving her mouth a chance to heal. This was a painful process and it interfered with her life, preventing her from eating, talking and socializing when she chose. Then Zitta’s dentist prescribed Ultaire® AKP metal-free removable partial dentures, and her mouth pain became a thing of the past. Made from high-performance polymer and molded to the shape of the individual patient’s mouth, Ultaire® AKP dentures lock into place with smooth, stationary, bone-like clasps.

Ultaire® AKP partial dentures mean no more metal clasps

And no more of the pain that comes from metal clasps. With Ultaire® AKP, there is no metallic taste, no metal hooks or mouth scars, and a customized fit that can make it easier to speak, laugh and smile. One other person who’s happy about her removable partial dentures? Her dentist: Gerald Grossman, DDS. “If we are taking pliers to bend metal, it’s not going to fit exactly around the curvature of the tooth,” says Grossman. “There’s going to be pain for the patient and it’s never right. With Ultaire®, there’s no metal. It’s molded around and the fit is exact.” If you’re a dentist looking to prescribe partial dentures without metal clasps, or a patient who wants a metal-free removable partial denture, consider Ultaire® AKP.