Partial dentures a dentist can love

Gerald Grossman, DDS, used to think of partial dentures as a last resort. When his patients couldn’t get implants, due to the cost or for medical reasons, Grossman fit them with metal partial dentures. But he wasn’t happy about it. “Partials hadn’t changed in 100+ years,” he said. “With all the technology in every other part of our lives, as far as partial dentures go, time had really stood still.”

Metal-free, feather light partial dentures

Then he discovered partial dentures made from Ultaire® AKP, a revolutionary new high-performance polymer that could be digitally-milled to fit an individual’s mouth precisely. That’s when everything changed. “I was so excited to see Ultaire® AKP partial dentures,” Grossman recalls. “I picked one up. It was feather – feather light. There was no metal. It was much prettier. The first one I made, I gave it to a patient and she took it in her hand and said, ‘Wow, this is light.'” But that’s just the beginning. Not only are Ultaire® AKP partial dentures light, they’re also smooth, comfortable and free of metallic taste.

Partial dentures? Listen to patients

“I believe it is my fiduciary responsibility when a new product comes out that I do not listen to the sales person,” says Grossman. “I need to have evidence-based knowledge that if I bring this into the practice … a) it is better than the products that I use, and b) that these products cause no harm.” So who does Dr. Grossman listen to? His own patients, who have been thrilled and grateful for their new Ultaire® AKP partial dentures. Here’s just one example. Zitta went to Dr. Grossman for a checkup and told him the metal partial denture she’d been wearing was tearing up her cheeks. He prescribed Ultaire® AKP, hoping the polymer partial denture would improve his patient’s life. But he had no idea how happy Zitta would be.

“Ultaire, it’s great,” says Zitta. “It’s fantastic. I love it. The first thing that I recognized was it was so tight, it felt so good. And you notice, there is no metal and it is so light. When I put in my new Ultaire, no one would really know that I’m not wearing my own teeth. Oh, my Ultaire! I’m enjoying it.”

“Creating a world-class smile”

Zitta isn’t the only one smiling. For years before he found Ultaire® AKP partial dentures, Dr. Grossman had been hearing from people who felt like they had to hide their smiles. “What patients tell me about metal in their mouth is, what do you have to replace it?” he says. “It’s ugly. I don’t like to see what I see. It ruins my smile.”

But today, Dr. Grossman’s patients who wear Ultaire® AKP partial dentures are smiling all around. He calls them “raving fans.” “I haven’t seen an excitement like this since the beginning of using implants,” says Grossman. “We’re creating a world-class smile for a patient who has been afraid to smile or ashamed to smile. Ultaire gives an excitement. That’s the only word.”