REFRAME RPD Post‑Market Clinical Study

See why 4 out of 5 patients preferred Ultaire®️ AKP RPDs over metal.

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Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures (RPDs) deliver a previously unattainable level of performance and patient satisfaction when compared to metal RPDs, allowing you to prescribe an RPD that focuses on comfort, better care, and extra convenience. Recent clinical studies prove that Ultaire® AKP RPDs are effective and preferred by patients, providing relevant data to help you make informed decisions about the best RPD option for your edentulous patients.

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REFRAME RPD Post-Market Clinical Study

Significant improvement in oral health-related quality of life1

The REFRAME RPD Post-Market Clinical Study is the most extensive cohort trial conducted on removable partial dentures (RPDs) to date. The prospective, non-randomized, multicenter study evaluated the change in Oral Health-Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) from wearing a cobalt chrome (CoCr) RPD to wearing an Ultaire® AKP RPD.

Conducted by the University of Chicago at Illinois College of Dentistry and the University of Leeds School of Dentistry, the study enrolled 40 patients who had previously worn a CoCr RPD. They were fitted with an Ultaire® AKP RPD and assessed over an eight-week time frame.

The primary study outcome demonstrated a statistically significant* improvement in patient OHRQoL when wearing an Ultaire® AKP frame compared to CoCr. Patients experienced improvements in a majority of OHRQoL factors, most importantly their comfort when eating, speaking and engaging in social interaction, their self-esteem, and their satisfaction with respect to their oral health.

Quality of Life

Ultaire® AKP is a safe and effective alternative to CoCr RPDs with higher patient-reported satisfaction.

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Clasp Fatigue Study Review

Significantly less clasp distortion1

A study published in Dental Materials in 2019 compared the retentive force of individual RPD clasps made from cobalt chrome (CoCr) with Ultaire® AKP following prolonged fatigue testing. After 15,000 insertion-removal cycles, simulating five years of use, Ultaire® AKP clasps showed less permanent deformation and a more consistent retentive force compared to CoCr.2

  • Ultaire® AKP demonstrated less clasp-to-clasp variability than CoCr.
  • Ultaire® AKP clasps did not work harden.
  • CoCr clasps work hardened after only 100 cycles (the equivalent of only 25 days in use).
Distortion Results of Pre- and Post-Cycled Scans

Ultaire® AKP clasps maintain their retention and shape over time – reducing the need for frequent adjustments and saving both dentists and patients time and money.

Biofilm Study Review

Superior resistance to biofilm3

In biofilm testing, Ultaire® AKP demonstrated statistically significant* improvements in performance against biofilms of Candida albicans and Streptococcal species.

48% reduction in Candida albicans compared to chrome
62% reduction in Streptococcal compared to acetal resin

Ultaire® AKP frames accumulate less biofilm, minimizing the risk of future infections and tooth loss while helping the patient maintain an odor‑free appliance.


*P-value associated with change in OHIP Score: P = 0.0005


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