Friction Bar Prosthesis

Framework made of Ultaire® AKP

Ultaire® AKP is a great material for replacing metal in dental applications. It’s unique properties make it an excellent choice for RPD’s with clasps as well as one piece secondary constructions.


Very good lubricity
Strong bond with PMMA *
Strong bond to composites using a bonding system *
One-piece secondary construction, no additional holding elements
Reduced material costs compared to precious metal
Reproducible friction / retention through CAD / CAM production

The Construction Parameters

Minimum wall thickness of the bar coverage 0.9 mm
Occlusal reinforcement of the framework 2mm x 2mm
Use the Ultaire AKP® Design Tool “Finishline” for the perfect finish

* Material study at the LMU Munich, documents available from Solvay® Dental 360.