Patient Testimonial

“They’re so comfortable — they’re part of my mouth now.”

Ultaire® AKP patient

Camille was fed up with her flexible partial denture. She had originally started with a metal frame but found that the lower, free-end partial hurt and made her mouth sore. After numerous visits to the dentist for adjustments to the metal clasps, she still complained of pain. Eventually, her dentist told her that due to her difficulties with metal, the only appliance she could wear was a flexible partial.

After wearing her flexible partial, Camille’s situation did not improve much. The flexible partial began moving up and down and with no rest to hold it in place, it started stripping her gums. As a result, she only wore the RPD when she went out for aesthetic reasons but removed it out as soon as she got home.

Camille thought it was time to get a second opinion on her situation, so she sought help from Dr. Craig Layton at Layton Family Dentistry, who offered Camille an innovative partial denture made from Ultaire® AKP. She was eager to try the new option, which was designed to fill the gap between metal (which can be too rigid) and flexibles (which often lack support). When she was fitted for the partial, she was pleasantly surprised, “They’re so comfortable. I don’t even feel like they’re partials — they’re part of my mouth now. They’re wonderful.”

Eating with Ultaire® AKP RPDs

Camille found that the Ultaire® AKP partials worked well while eating, “Hot, cold, nothing affects them. It doesn’t hurt, I can drink something hot. I have chewed ice even, and they don’t get cold. The nerves don’t hurt. They almost felt like my own teeth.” While she removed her old partials after she ate, she kept the Ultaire® AKP partials in all the time. She could chew without worry.

“They almost felt like my own teeth!”

— Camille, Ultaire® AKP patient

“The experience I’ve had with (Ultaire® AKP) partials has been incredible.”

The process for getting these partials was fairly simple for Camille. She went in to see Dr. Layton for impressions which were sent off to the lab. When the partials came back and she was fitted with the final partial, they made one adjustment to the acrylic and the partials were ready to go.

“We made one adjustment, that’s all we’ve made, and they fit amazing. I can’t say how easy this whole process has been.”

— Camille, Ultaire® AKP patient

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