Discover metal-free partial dentures: Ultaire® AKP

Which RPD would you prefer? Metal or Ultaire® AKP?

If you need partial dentures, you owe it to yourself to learn about Ultaire® AKP, a premium alternative to metal partial dentures:

Ultaire® AKP metal-free partial dentures

  • Comfortable, biocompatible
  • Lightweight – 60% lighter than metal
  • Aesthetically pleasing with no metal clasps
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-irritating
  • No metallic taste

With metal partial denture frames, you may experience:

  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Visible metal – seen while smiling or speaking
  • Metal sensitivity
  • Discomfort from weight of metal frame
  • Damage to remaining teeth

It’s time to discover metal-free partial dentures! While there are other metal-free partial dentures out there, called flexibles, they tend to be flimsy and lack support. Ultaire® AKP is a different option, a high-performance polymer that is designed specifically as a metal replacement for partial dentures — with the strength and durability required to give you a comfortable and functional partial denture. Hear what dentists say about Ultaire® AKP metal-free partial dentures.

Your health, your smile

You always have a choice when it comes to your health. If you are missing teeth and wondering what your options are, talk to your dentist about Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures. Metal partials can be uncomfortable and can wreak havoc on the oral environment. Plus, who wants metal ruining their smile? The shiny metal clasps can be distracting and have been known to cause damage to remaining teeth, and possibly further tooth loss. Now you have another option: Ultaire® AKP.

Ultaire® AKP: comfortable and lightweight

If you’ve had a metal RPD, you know how cumbersome and heavy they can be. Dentists often see them damage remaining teeth and injure the inside of the mouth. Ultaire® AKP partial dentures are 60% lighter than metal frames! The polymer was formulated to be lightweight as well as strong, similar to polymers used in hip implants. This creates partial dentures that are comfortable, durable and biocompatible, meaning they are safe to have in your body. Unlike metal, Ultaire® AKP is non-toxic, non-irritating and nickel-free.

Aesthetically pleasing, metal-free

Ultaire® AKP partial dentures are more aesthetically pleasing than those made of metal. The material is tooth colored, so the clasps will blend in with your existing teeth. No more metal clasps ruining your smile! And no more metallic taste in your mouth, affecting the taste of the foods you love to eat.

Customized to you

Removable partial dentures made with Ultaire® AKP are digitally designed to provide a custom fit that requires minimal adjustments. This means less visits to the dentist to adjust the fit of your partial denture. You can be confident in the feel and functionality, knowing that this comfortable and custom designed frame was made just for you.

Frequently asked questions about metal-free partial dentures

Q: I’m interested in getting an Ultaire® AKP partial denture. Can you help me?
A: That’s great to hear! Ultaire® AKP must be prescribed by a dentist or dental professional. Ask your dentist if a metal-free removable partial denture made with Ultaire® AKP is right for you.

Q: Why can’t Solvay® Dental 360 send me this product directly?
A: Solvay® Dental 360 is not a dentist’s office. We create and manufacture polymers for dental products. Please talk to your dentist about an Ultaire® AKP metal-free partial, who can prescribe the option.

Q: What is the cost of an Ultaire® AKP removable partial denture?
A: The dental professionals who prescribe Ultaire® AKP partial dentures set their own pricing, so the best source of information on cost would be your dentist. Cost is usually determined by the conditions of your mouth, the types of materials used, the techniques used by the dentist, as well as the location and general operating costs of the dental office. In most regions you may find that Ultaire® AKP partials are cost comparable to what you would pay for a metal partial denture while being more comfortable, lightweight and natural-feeling.

Q: What do I do if my dentist doesn’t prescribe Ultaire® AKP or know about it?
A: Any dentist can prescribe Ultaire® AKP removable partial dentures. Please download our Discussion Guide, which can help you talk to your dentist about Ultaire® AKP and determine if it is right for you.

Q: Are Ultaire® AKP partial dentures available in my state?
A: Yes. Partial dentures made from Ultaire® AKP are commercially available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Q: Can Ultaire® AKP be used for full dentures?
A: Right now, metal-free Ultaire® AKP frames are for removable partial dentures only.

Q: Can I eat with this partial denture?
A: Yes! Ultaire® AKP partial dentures are meant to be used while eating. Strength characteristics for Ultaire® AKP surpass those of acrylics and acetals that are on the market today.

Q: I need a partial denture for my top and bottom teeth! Does Ultaire® AKP work on both?
A: Yes. Ultaire® AKP is for removable partial dentures, top and/or bottom. The best source of information concerning your specific requirements will be your dentist. A dentist will prescribe based on your needs which are unique to you.