Do You Need a Removable Partial Denture?

Missing teeth can interfere with eating, talking and smiling and affect your health and appearance. A proven solution that your dentist may prescribe is removable partial dentures.

You Have Other Options

Options for Removable Partial Dentures

Choose the Right Solution

Removable partial dentures fill in the gaps where you are missing teeth. They consist of a metal or metal-free framework, which carries the artificial teeth. Learn about the differences.

Metal Framework

Frameworks for removable partial dentures are usually made of metal alloys. The framework uses metal staples or holders that secure and fix the prosthesis to existing teeth.

With metal framework, you can experience the following:
  • limited aesthetics when talking or smiling
  • low wearing comfort
  • risk of hypersensitivity to metal
  • metallic taste
  • high weight and tension of the metal framework
Ultaire AKP removable partial denture on white background


Metal-free Framework

If you expect more than a metal framework can offer, choose a framework made of Ultaire®AKP, an innovative high-performance polymer. Ultaire® AKP is specifically designed for patients who want more comfort and a higher aesthetic.

Removable Partial Dentures made of Ultaire® AKP offer you:
  • low weight, tension-free comfort
  • tasteless, corrosion-free and biocompatible
  • no risk of hypersensitivity to metal
  • similar to natural bone, can reduce bone loss
  • aesthetic dentures