Removable partial dentures with clasps made of Ultaire® AKP

For decades, little has changed in the manufacture of removable partial dentures (RPDs). Even though they hardly meet the aesthetic requirements of patients, metal frames are still considered to be standard – despite their high weight, metallic taste and danger to the remaining teeth.

But now there is a real alternative. Solvay Dental 360® provides an innovative solution that will radically change the view of laboratories, dentists and patients on the subject of partial dentistry.

More comfort and quality of life for the patient removable partial dentures made of Ultaire® AKP are the superior solution for all patients who value optimal biocompatibility, tension-free wear and an unobtrusive appearance.

Partial dentures made of Ultaire® AKP are metal-free, biocompatible, lightweight, long-term stable and have a high esthetic effect thanks to their tooth-like color.


Low weight, long-term stable
Very well tolerated, biocompatible
Taste-neutral, no impairment of the taste sensation
Optically unobtrusive, aesthetic dentures
Bone-like and tooth-supported, can reduce bone loss

The Design Parameters

Use the Ultaire® AKP Design Tools in your CAD software