Telescoping partial denture secondary construction made of Ultaire® AKP

Ultaire® AKP is the alternative to conventional metal alloys. By his material properties, this aryl ketone polymer is suitable as a framework for removable partial dentures with clasps as well as for secondary constructions with telescopes.

The advantages

Metal free
Very good lubricity
Strong bond to PMMA *
Strong bond to composites by adhesion system *
One-piece secondary construction, no joining of elements
Reduced material costs compared to precious metal
Reproducible friction / retention through CAD / CAM manufacturing

The design parameters

Minimum wall thickness for secondary telescopes 0.6 mm
Main connector secondary frame 2 mm
Use the Ultaire® AKP Design Tools in your CAD software

*Material investigations at the LMU Munich, documents available at Solvay Dental 360®.