The Probe Repost: Coexisting, Compatible Biomaterials

For many years, the majority of removable partial dentures (RPDs) have been made from metal. Concerns about sensitivity, taste issues and toxicity have been put to the side in exchange for metal’s rigidity and durability.

More recently, acrylic and flexible materials have been used to fabricate RPD frames. However, acrylic is mechanically weak and prone to fracture, feeling bulky and unnatural. Flexible RPDs tend to be more comfortable but are only slightly more resistant to fracture.

Now, there’s a new paradigm-changing alternative material that bridges the gap between flexible and metal. RPDs made from Ultaire® AKP offer superior aesthetics, with a strong, stable retention and a fit that is not harmful to natural tissue.

Learn more about this unique, new biomaterial in this Probe editorial by Solvay® Dental 360 Country Manager, Phil Silver.

ultaire akp frame and metal frame comparison